Hobby Horse


Dan Kinzelman
Tenor Sax, Bass Clarinet, Synths, Voice

Joe Rehmer
Bass, Synths, Voice

Stefano Tamborrino
Drums, Electronics, Voice

Worldwide booking:
Nina Terruzzi

Hobby Horse is a progressive/experimental/crossover jazz trio based in Italy, figurehead of the rapidly developing new Italian jazz scene, but equally comfortable playing underground rock venues and dance clubs. During 10 years of intense activity they have released 8 records to widespread critical acclaim and their touring schedule has seen them performing in important festivals and clubs throughout Europe and North America including Umbria Jazz, Jazzwerkstatt Graz, Belgrade Jazz Festival, Sudtirol Jazz Festival, Ton Art Tirol, InJazz, Skylark Chicago, Jazz Estate Milwaukee and Ausland Berlin.

Their music is a wildly unpredictable mix of styles, a melting pot of musical languages ranging from slam poetry to techno to psychedelic bossanova, prog rock, hip-hop and chamber music. Passing from hypnotic drones to kyperkinetic explosions of noise, they manage to maintain an underlying sense of balance, shared exploration and discovery, sculpting their sets into an overarching form which maintains artistic coherence despite (or perhapsdue to) the drastic contrasts it contains.